maxresdefault   Yes, You read the title correctly I am an atheist who loves gospel music. Ok, love might be a strong word, but I do enjoy gospel music, both the traditional gospel music and also R&B and Hip-hop/rap infused with gospel. Example Chance the Rapper’s latest mixtape “Coloring Book”, I’ve been listing to that nonstop, even though the theme of most the songs are about god. There’s even a line where Chance says …”I don’t believe in science, I believe in signs.” I don’t like this line, but I love this song, the song also starts off with the gospel song “How Great is Our God”, but I still love the song. That song and other rap/gospel, R&B/gospel, and gospel songs are full of energy,positivity  and soul. That’s why I like gospel music so much. When I listen to gospel I don’t really pay attention to all the praise god stuff, I pay attention to the positivity and upleftingness. Gospel music is the type of music you can put on if your having a bad day, and you immediately feel better. Gospel music has a very uplifting tone. The theme of a lot of gospel  songs is that “everything is going to be ok” granted it’s more like “praise god and everything is going to be ok”, but I just ignore the praise god part. Music can have a profound effect on people, just find your own song and vibe to it.